Kutch festival 2017 - 2018
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Kutch Festivals, Gujarat (Kutch nahi dekha to kuchh nahi dekha)

1st November 2017 to 20th February 2018

The Gujarat tourism, department organizes various programs including folk dance performance, tours to historical places, craft exhibitions, etc. The entire area is decked with more than 400 tents having all the required amenities for the comfortable stay. You can also visit the local villages to check the local artisans presenting Rabadi embroidery and Rogan art. Furthermore, a tiny village of Nirona is must visit as they make kitchen items from a lace-turned wood method that is worth exploring Rann Utsav is the time you must take part in the tour organized by Gujarat Tourism. You could visit Bhadreshwar, Narayan Sarovar, Anjar, Mandvi Beach and Kera Shiv Temple. A bit further, you can visit Sun Temple of Modhera. By attending the festival, you’re bound to visit and experience different places of Gujarat which the state is proud of, and you will get to see the incredible heritage of the country. Moreover, this is the chance to experience the Kutchi culture which is entirely different from rest of the Gujarat.

. To experience Kutch Festivals 2017, you need to spend few nights at the great Rann.

As a part of the tour, you’ll be taken to Kalo Dungar(black hill), the highest peak in the Kutch area having the panoramic view of the Rann. It is famous for Dattatreya Temple visited by thousands of pilgrims every year. If you want to experience the wildlife of the Gujarat, then visit sanctuaries in Kutch, and you may be surprised to see that it is the habitat of many extinct species.

This is all about Kutch Festival book your Tour now to Kutch Festival and have fun with Family & Friends.

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